Monday, 16 September 2013

Students Finish 7-Day Project with a new Fundraising Record

Once again our J28 students have set a new fundraising record compared to last year, raising 24,109 DKK of money during the first 7 days of our J28 class (Writing Business Plans for Social Enterprises). Well done to all three groups:
  1. Group 1 raised 3 423 DKK for the Red Cross.
  2. Group 2 raised 6 966 DKK for the Natcafeen in Stengade which provides a place to stay for homeless people. (see video here:
  3. Group 3 raised 13 720 DKK for Syrian Refugees (see video here:

Here is how J28 fund raising has evolved over the past years, showing that amounts are doubling every year:

2013    24 000 DKK
2012    12 000 DKK
2011      5 000 DKK

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