Friday, 15 February 2013

A Second Wind? Mads Kjaer Awarded 2013 Schwab Social Entreprenur

After having flirted with disaster in the early years of its existence things had gotten more silent about MyC4 ( in recent years. However, it now seems that slowly and diligently the Danish Online Microfinance website has begun to address its issues with defaults and fraud. As MyC4's turnaround starts to solidify the Schwab Foundation has now decided to honor MyC4's founder Mads Kjaer with a Schwab Social Entrepreneur award.

“I am extremely honored to be among the winners of this award,” Mads Kjær says on the MyC4 blog, ”the award belongs to our team in MYC4, the investors, MFI Providers and the African micro- and small business entrepreneurs who change lives every day. One step at a time.”