Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Business Plan Ideas are online now

One month into the 2013 edition of the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) of the Minor in Social Entrepreneurship our elective "Business Plan Writing for Social Enterprises" now has 7 student teams working on business plan ideas. Feel free to connect with them if you think that you want to help them.

Here is a short overview of the seven business ideas, which will be developed and refined over the next 6 weeks:

1. develop business plan for a Norwegian social entrepreneurs who wants to help Indian widowed women through sales of fair trade yoga clothing

2. develop a business plan for a Danish designer who has developed a transport bike for low income people in developing country

3. develop business plan for distributing a Finish online education game aimed at illiterate children to developing countries

4. develop business plan for social impact assessment consulting platform in Denmark

5. develop business plan for a Danish events management start-up working on Climate change related events

6. develop business plan for marketing pop-up mosquito nets to Africa to prevent Malaria

7. raise funds for charities from private companies that need market information via a website on which people can volunteer to take market surveys.

You can read more on our Facebook page (see "recent posts by others") where the groups describe their ideas to their coaches:


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