Saturday, 24 September 2011

Baisikeli: On a roll

One of Denmark's probably most interesting S-ENT start-ups in last years is Baisikeli ( The organisation, which was launched by two cousins, aims to help African community acquire cheap and reliable transporationin the form of bycicles. Baisikelis products are special designs aimed at the African market - sturdy, easy to repair and affordable. Apart from normal bikes Basikeli offers also hospital bikes (that can be used to transport the ill).

Baisikeli - cykler for et bedre liv from Henrik Mortensen on Vimeo.

Baisikelis business model draws on a number of elements: it collects old bikes and bike parts in Denmark which are then transported to Tansania and Sierra Leone where bike repair shops produce for the local market.Moreover, Baisikeli produces also bikes in Denmark which are rented to private as well as business clients as an earned income model which finances the shipping of bikes to Africa.

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